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You may have noticed that 80's outfits are coming back around to the fashion market. We have a modern take on shoulder pads, drops waists, and even leggings have made their way back around to mainstream fashion. Of course, this era also inspired some amazing accessories, and here are a few that can help spruce up your wardrobe.

  • Fingerless Gloves - Fingerless gloves were not limited to leather and studs; they also came in the more feminine lace style, and the casual knit look. Bikers still use the leather cut off gloves, and black fingerless lace gloves can easily be paired with that little black dress for a night out on the town.

  • Wide Belts - These belts are excellent for drawing attention to and cinching the waist for that ever desirable hourglass figure. You can wear it in black or pick a bold color or pattern for a touch of flair that is easy to wear.

  • Statement Jewelry - Large, statement jewelry was very popular, and it is also coming back around. If you don't have that one big statement piece, then you can use the technique of layering jewelry for a bigger presence that's sure to provide the perfect amount of sparkle.

  • Headbands - Headbands often accessorized 80's outfits, and they came in preformed styles or could be made from lace or ribbon. Today they can be added to nearly any hairdo, whether up or down, and adornments can be added for a little extra sparkle.

  • Bows - Bows were very common accessories, and they adorned everything from shoes to dresses to headbands. While the oversized bow is not as popular as it once was, medium and small bows can still be added to many an outfit for a feminine touch that is timeless.

Spice up your wardrobe with some retro accessories. These ideas are just a few of the very easy and affordable accessories that are a welcome update to your modern wardrobe.